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25-07-14, 19:18
We have been informed that Colin Raper who served onboard Lowestoft c1970 - 1972 as a L/Sea RP1 ‘crossed the bar’ on the 21st August 2009.
Although I didn't serve at sea with him, I knew Colin briefly from my time at Dryad and he was a really nice guy and a very professional RP who went on to be a Helo Controller.


25-07-14, 23:11
Didn't know you Colin, but as an ex Lowie you are family ,sleep tight sailor, watch done R.I.P.

26-07-14, 07:18
Face looks familiar, but cannot remember him. Another gone to rest from my time on board and a great
commission. RIP shipmate.

Jock Dickson
26-07-14, 09:17
Rest In Peace Colin, you were one of us.

Mick Drake
26-07-14, 09:48
Never met you Colin, but sail on in peace, forever.

27-07-14, 00:29
Never knew you mate but thoughts are with your family RIP.

31-07-14, 13:22
So sorry to hear about Colin Raper 'crossing the bar.' We were in the same mess on Lowie and he was a really great guy and was a great Leading hand when we were duty watch together when we visited many ports during our duties as Stanavforlant. I do remember him having to fly home from Bermuda in 1971 when his father suddenly passed away. RIP dear shipmate.

01-08-14, 15:36
As always a very sad occasion when one of us passes away, RIP Colin, you did your time mate.