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01-06-14, 21:44
I very much regret to inform you that Dave [Brad] Bradley who served onboard for the first commission [1961-1963] as a L/Sea FC1 sadly 'crossed the bar' on the 1st June 2014 aged 75 due to cancer of the bladder.
I knew Dave well as he was the killick of the Junior/Young Seamans mess and was respected by all as being firm but fair, he taught us young sailors 'the ropes' and it was a happy 18 months with him in our first ship.
One of the things I remember was that if I ironed his No. 8's for him I would get a wet of his tot!!
After leaving the Lowie Dave qualified as a GI, he left the RN after his nine and joined the London Fire Service where he was a Station Officer when he retired and he and his wife Lucy then moved to Worcester to be near their daughter.
Dave attended the 2012 reunion at Chatham and it was the first time we had met since leaving the Lowie in 1963, unfortunately he couldn't make the 2013 reunion due to ill health but he was in touch with me in February this year and was hoping his treatment was having a positive effect and he would be able to be with us in Southsea this year, sadly it was not to be.
RIP Brad........you taught me a lot that stood me in good stead for the rest of my career in the RN.


Mick Drake
01-06-14, 23:01
A very sad bit of news Ian.
It's always sad to hear this sort of news especially as it is one of our members and of course more so for you Ian as you knew him so well.
All we can hope and pray is that he wasn't in pain from this dreadful disease and he was with his family when he crossed the bar.

One day One day I hope there will be a simple cure from this dreadful disease.

My condolences to all his Family & friends at this sad time.

01-06-14, 23:04
Sleep tight shipmate. Watch done. Very nice tribute Ian

01-06-14, 23:11
Great shame. RIP Brad.
It's a nice tribute to him Ian.

02-06-14, 09:25
RIP Brad, hope you didn't suffer too much with the dreaded "Big C"

Lovely tribute Ian.

02-06-14, 10:00
RIP shipmate your watch is now complete

02-06-14, 11:03
Never knew him but rest in peace now.

Ian, your message was very touching I wonder does the modern navy have such ratings as that, if not
they should, my sea dad was a killick stoker and he was of the same as your man was.

02-06-14, 13:41
I never knew him but judging by your tribute he was quite a man.


02-06-14, 22:30
RIP Dave Bradley. I didn't meet you but great tribute from Ian. Mick and others. So sad that these great blokes are passing over, so sad.

06-06-14, 13:45
Yes, it's very sad. RIP Dave.

07-06-14, 18:09
The funeral of David Bradley who crossed the bar on Sunday 1 June will take place on Friday 13 June. David will be cremated at the Worcester Crematorium, (Tintern Avenue,Worcester, WR3 8HA) at 1215.

Following the funeral, The Wake will take place at the Crown Inn, Main Road, Hallow,Worcester, WR2 6LB

The family have asked that no Black ties etc. should be worn, ladies bright colours and no flowers please, but donations can be made to Cancer Charities of your own choice or forwarded to the family on behalf of "Hospital at Home" team.

30-06-14, 18:40
GI David Richard BRADLEY
Obituary written by GI Dave WRAGG: [By kind permission of the GI's Association]

David was born on the 3rd march 1939 in Walthamstow, Essex. The family moved to Westcliff, Southend soon after the end of the war and later they were to move to Hullbridge on the river Crouch in Essex,
At the age of sixteen in 1955 he joined the Royal Navy, as a boy at HMS St VINCENT (Blake 187). While there he excelled in Gunnery & Seamanship and showed, even at that age, above average leadership skills and was awarded the St George’s prize as top boy entrant of the year, a gold medal and certificates. The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty presented four books to his former school with the relevant inscription on the inside cover.
David was a Chatham rating and after his training he was drafted to his first ship, HMS SUPERB where he joined older brother Peter, who was also serving on-board. He then joined HMS EXCELLENT where he qualified as a Seaman Gunner and was soon off to sea again joining another cruiser, HMS CEYLON where he was involved in the Suez Crisis.
In 1960 he met his wife Lucy, shortly after he joined HMS LOWESTOFT and sailed for the United States in 1963 and made it back in time for his wedding.
He was once again drafted to Whale Island where he completed a Gunnery Instructors course (FGI’s) in 1964.
Soon there was a start of a family and Lucy junior was born in March 1964. David was very much a family man and they were his number one priority. On completion of his GI’s course he was drafted to HMS GANGES as an Instructor and lived in married quarters for a while. As a permanent home was his criteria the family moved back to London so that Lucy senior could resume work. Having secured a home, David left the navy and joined the London Fire Brigade. In 1967 his daughter Laura was born and his family was complete.
He worked his way through the ranks to become a Assistant Divisional Officer and during his time in the Brigade was involved in many challenging incidents from the London Underground to the burning down of Alexandra Palace (The peoples Palace) in July 1980 where, on arrival at the scene as a Sub Officer, David was first officer in charge and, witnessing such an intense fire, called for 10 further pumps to attend – these were called in from all over London. It was thought that the fire started while restoration work was being carried out on the pipes of the famous Willis organ. The most horrific incident was the ‘Bishopsgate Bombing’ by the IRA in April 1993 presented a very different challenge on David’s watch. A tipper truck, loaded with over a ton of explosives, disguised by a layer of tarmac, was parked outside HSBC Bank. A news photographer was killed during the incident trying to get a best picture, even though the Police and Brigade had tried to vacate the entire area. A further 44 people, mainly Journalists were also injured. If it hadn’t been for a tip-off from Northern Ireland using a recognised IRA codeword, the death toll would have been enormous.
David retired from the Fire Service in 1996 having completed 30 years service and moved from his home in Tottenham to an idyllic location in Hallow near Worcester.
To this day, his daughter Lucy still wears David’s St Georges Prize gold medal on a chain around her neck.

30-06-14, 19:22
He certainly led an interesting life didn't he? May he rest in peace.

01-07-14, 00:07
He certainly led an interesting life didn't he? May he rest in peace.

I agree with you whole heartedly Lofty.