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12-09-11, 17:44
The following email was received on 10/4/2011

I am John Fallon and was part of Lowestofts first commission - Now in New Zealand.
Patrick(yorky)Gleeson was an oppo on that commission.EVERYONE on that commission would remember him.I caught up with him ,living in Adelaide (Australia) a few years ago and spent a few visits before he crossed the bar last year after 2-3 years declining with altzheimers.His widow keeps his photos and mementos of Lowestoft,which was his pride and joy.
Sorry I cant be at the reunion-I am planning a visit to U.K.about July ľAug, 2012.I wish you all a good fun night and will have one on the night,thinking of the happiest ship I ever sailed in-thanks mainly to the skipper (Raymond Lygo)
John Fallon
A.B.(forward seamans mess)

By Ianmac:

I remember "Yorky" well, he was great character and very much part of what made a "Ship's company" and a Happy ship.
RIP Yorky


12-09-11, 17:46
Sandy Sanders Posted: April 10, 2011 09:32 pm

This is what is great on here.
Shipmates never really passover,
not all the way,
for they, they are a part of us,
left behind, in our hearts and minds,
lay memories deep.
A record of which will always be here.

12-09-11, 17:47
bonzo Posted: April 11, 2011 07:19 pm

Good that John Fallon took the time to send an email to inform ex shipmates of the passing of an old oppo. I dont think I knew Yorky Gleeson although his name rings a bell. Good too that John was able to spend some time with Yorky,I'm sure that was a great comfort to him at the end. Sandy is right,old oppos do live on,in our memories.