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Sandy Sanders
29-01-12, 18:41
From the Navy News, served in RN 1964-86,
in Raleigh, Pembroke, Ospray, Bulwark, Seahawk, Jaguar, Royal Arthur, Lowestoft, Llandaff, Fearless, Blake, Nubian, Neptune, Nato. Broadsword, and Drake, Passed on, October 21st 2011.


bob sloan
11-05-14, 19:16
Sad to see that Phil has passed on, I served with him on the "Lowestoft" and then we went to the "Llandaff" where there were some good times and some good memories. I left the Llandaff after a bad time for me and missed the lads onboard. My thoughts are with his family and hope they have coped with their loss, and I too will not forget Phil "rest in peace" my old friend.

11-05-14, 20:31
Rest in Peace Phil.

12-05-14, 13:56
Rest in Peace Chef

13-05-14, 09:50
Rest in peace Phil.

13-05-14, 13:57
Rest in peace Phil.