View Full Version : Pete Brown (Buster) Chef 1974-75

01-04-15, 20:27
Just had a chat with Pusser (Mark) Hill who informed me that Buster had passed away. He had been ill with Alzheimers for some time. Pusser went to school with him in Coventry. I had many a good run with him on the Fez trip 74-75 and I last saw him when he made it over from Gosport to my 40th birthday party extravaganza. I had hoped to meet up again but it never came about sadly.
He is standing behind me with the Indian headdress on in my Xmas 1974 photo in Sembewang. In that famous photo he has his old chap on my shoulder, unbeknown to me and forever after earned the nickname 'Dick on the shoulder Brown' to distinguish him from all the other Busters, but there was really only one Buster. Great oppo.


01-04-15, 22:24
R.I.P. Chef, watch done , safe harbours

02-04-15, 09:58
R.I.P Chef

02-04-15, 18:37
So sad to hear this new's he was a great lad and was always popular in the sailors mess. RIP mate and thoughts to your family.

03-04-15, 19:22
RIP Chef in that big galley in the sky.

22-10-15, 21:32
Rip Buster, have some great memories of you.