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Thread: Tributes to Non-Lowie's who have 'crossed the bar'

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    RIP Bill watch done

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    RIP matey, thoughts are with your family and friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loftysmudge View Post
    I have just received the sad news that Shipmate Bill Brown one of our members at Bolton RNA has "Crossed the Bar". Bill was 92 and served in the RN as a "Bunting Tosser" on HMS Indomitable in WW2. Bill didn't talk much about the war but he was always proud to say that he was present at the signing of the Japanese surrender. He once showed me a photo of it and you can just make him out in the background. RIP Bill. watch done and I know you will be happy now to be back with your beloved Peggy.
    It was S/M Bill Browns funeral today, we gave him a good send off, Standard, Guard of honour etc, and, of course toasted his memory with "Nelson's Blood"
    "Wot,no Airlocks on the Lowie!!!!"

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